Extend the life of your leather jacket

Extend the life of your leather jacket

I am sure that you would be more conscious about your leather jacket in your wardrobe. And you should definitely be after all it would be the most costly item among other cloth accessories. Especially when you have a tailor made leather jacket, you cannot afford the risk of losing it. Here I am going to reveal three very easy tips which will extend the life of your leather jackets.

  1. Protect your leather jacketstain-protector

As you wear leather jacket above all other clothes, it is mostly exposed to the dust, fumes and water and weather hardness. So it is advisable to use some stain or water protector before wearing it. These protectors are easily available in the market at really low cost (starting from $4). Although these protectors are well tested but I would advise you to use it a very small part of the jacket firstly

  1. Clean you leather jacketcleaner

Usually it is considered that leather is made for rough usage. That’s true but it does not mean at all that it will always as it is now if you don’t clean it regularly. So, clean your leather jacket occasionally (at least once a week) with some mild detergents or leather cleaners easily available in the market.

  1. Properly store your leather jacket

You might be surprised to know that your jacket can be damaged in your closet as well. So the proper storage will extend the life of your leather jacket. In this regard, keep two points in mind:

  1. Always use clothing bag to store your jacket (especially when you are going to store it for a long period of time delicateafter weather change)
  2. Use delicate creams for leather easily available in the market for a cost of only $3. These creams keep your jacket soft. Sometime applying these creams might darken the color of your jacket, but don’t worry it will be for a couple of moments and your jacket will be back in original color very soon)

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