Xmen Brown Leather Jacket



The symbol of integrity and sophistication; X Men First Class Jacket is made up from  premium quality Synthetic. The overall look of the jacket is very simple and upbeat. The singular brown color is used in the jacket giving it an elegant look. The texture is woody and classic, with a front-cut zip and plain fronts. The sleeves are straight cut with no cuffs, giving the jacket a sleek dimension.The length is up to the thighs, bestowing the jacket with just the right fit it needs. The collars are upfront and bold, giving the jacket a striking look. The designer has avoided any extra patches on the jacket to retain its stylish image. The stitching is neat and detailed rewarding the jacket with finesse & excellence. Magneto Jacket keeps the image of its name intact.This jacket is tailor made using premium quality leather.Note For Customers:Kindly provide us your actual body measurements for perfect fitting if possible.


  • Custom made leather jacket according to customer body.
  • 100% pure top quality leather.
  • Elegant Fitting
  • Free world wide shipping.
  • Free return and replacement
  • 500+ leather jackets for men and women 


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